Samran Relaxing Facial Treatment/ Massage
60minutes/ @ Taka 2520
The designed to revitalize and rejuvenate your face skin for normal cleansing and nourishing, making facial skin relaxed, smoother and softer.

Detoxifying Facial Treatment/Massage
60minutes/ @ Taka 2730
This treatment superficially relaxes and rejuvenates facial skin cells using extracts from natural herbs and barks leaving your skin clean, relaxed and glowing.

Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment/ Massage
60 minutes/ @ Taka 3050
This is a special facial deep cleansing treatment using specialized beauty facial equipment and product originating from professional beauty skin clinic and treatment centers. This treatment aims at the deep layers of your facial skin treating pimples, black heads leaving your skin clean, healthy and balanced.

Special Eyes Treatment/Massage
60 minutes/ @ Taka 2000
This is specialized treatment of the eyes and the areas around the eyes. Special eyes treatment reduces darkness and soreness of the area around the eyes thus matching it to the skin of the other regions of the face leaving you looking fresh and radiant.

Thai Herb Facial treatment/Massage
60 minutes/ @ Taka 3150
Discover Thailand’s secret beauty tradition with Thai facial herbs. This treatment is best for persons with oily facial skin. A blend of nourishing plant extracts combined with age old ancient techniques of this treatment helps in the caring of inflammated & infected facial pimples.

Anti-aging Collagen Facial Treatment/Massage
90 minutes/ @ Taka 4000
This treatment is solely targeted at the removal of wrinkles from the face by using Radio Frequency therapy (RFT) and special facial creams, leaving your facial skin tight, firm and healthier. The overall result is taking ageing away at least five years from your appearance.

Whitening Facial Treatment/Massage
60 minutes/ @ Taka 3600
This treatment rejuvenates and deep cleanses your facial tone. This powerful whitening facial treatment helps the slow reduction of dark spots of the face and enhances the whitening effect of the, skin making it firm, fair and healthier.

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