Samran Thai Traditional Massage

60/90/120 minutes @ Taka 2850/ 3740/ 5100
This massage originates from the age old practices of Thai accu-pressure and yoga. The Thai traditional massage uses prolonged stretching and application of measured pressure along and on the sensitive nerve lines and the pressure points of the body. This is an excellent treatment for relaxation and relieving of pains and aches of the body.

Samran Herbal Compress Treatment

60 minutes @ Taka 3520
This treatment uses the therapeutic qualities of Thai herbs and is done using a mixture of ginger lemongrass turmeric and other Thai herb packed in a muslin ball compress. This treatment utilizes the natural healing qualities of these herbs stimulating energy flow within the body, relieving muscle aches and pain and leaving you stress free.

Samran Pure Oil Massage

60/90/120 minutes @ Taka 3410/ 4840/ 6600
This massage uses natural oils obtained from natural wooden barks. This massage is beneficial for natural skin and internal blood circulation of the body. It also gives moisturizing and helps in reducing stress and soothing tired muscles.

Samran Aroma massage

60/90/120 minutes @ Taka 3900/ 5670/ 7350
This massage is a reflection of pure oil therapeutic treatment with the introduction of naturally extracted essences forming an aroma mix. This massage is the complete relaxation package combining the sweet essences of the aroma oil as per you choice, soothing music massage step relaxing environment and the soft touch of your spa therapist. You will surely be energizing and relaxed through this treatment after a full day of work.

-JASMINE Aroma essence (Relaxation)
-LAVENDER Aroma essence (Anti- Insomnia- Sleep disorder remedy)
-MOKE flower aroma essence (Refreshing)
-Rebalancing aroma essence (Rebalancing)

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