Samran Scalp Massage with Warm Oil
60 minutes @ Taka 2500
The Scalp massages technique aids to manipulate the soft tissue increasing blood circulation and stimulating the follicles in such a way making root hair stronger and enhancing hair growth. Using special oils applied to the scalp and hair to provide increased nourishment and aiming to repair dryness, breakage and itching caused by dry scalp.

Samran Foot Reflexology

1. With oil/ Lotion (By hand) 2.With Balm & wood stick
60 minutes @ Taka 1450 60 minutes @ Taka 1800

Pamper you leg and feet with deeply relaxing massage followed by acupressure therapy of the leg & feet. This treatment derived from the age old systems of Thai reflexology and acupressure improving blood circulation and relaxing the tense nerves and muscles on your feet and leg.

Specialized Target Area Treatment
Body part/point: 60 minutes @ Taka 2730
Treats pain for both bones and sinew for certain localized areas of the body.

Samran Four Hand massage/Samran Signature Massage
60 minutes/ @ Taka 6500
Using four hands synchronized massage for total relaxation. Four hands massage use specially technique to improve blood circulation flow, relieve stress, tension and energized your body, mind and soul.

Slimming Massage with Radio Frequency (RF) therapy
60 minutes/part @ Taka 4500
Contouring the body with controlled dissemination of fatty layers under the skin. This treatment uses special cream with RF aiming to tissue tightening, increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage of fatty deposits and reduction of cellulite.

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