Samran Full Body Scrub
60 minutes @ Taka 3300
This is a complete and comprehensive treatment of your entire body, effectively removing your dead skin cell by scrub & rub later put body lotion making your skin bright and smooth. This treatment targets all areas of the body leaving you with a balanced and glowing skin.

-Goat milk body scrub (Proteins and vitamins)
-Lemongrass body scrub (Anti cellulite)
-Green tea body scrub (Detoxifying)
-Jasmine Rice body scrub (Anti oxidant)

Samran Full Body Wrap
60 minutes/ @ Taka 2420
This treatment is best suited for dead and dull skin. The deep moisturizing and benefit of the treating product will absolve to deep skin cell to make it naturally firm, glowing and healthier.

-Almond full body Wraps (Proteins and vitamin)
-Green tea full body Wraps (Anti Oxidant)
-Natural Clay full body Wraps (Detoxifying)
-Tamarind full body Wraps (Brightening & whitening)

Samran Full Body Wrap & Scrub
60 minutes/ @ Taka 5300

Body Steam 30 minutes/ @ Taka 1100

Body Bath 30 minutes/ @ Taka 1100

(All prices inclusive of VAT & AIT)***

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